Thanks to our Volunteers!

Thanks to our Volunteers!


There are MANY ways you can volunteer to support our ministry. We’re recruiting volunteers for the shelter, the thrift store, and food pantry services. We also need people for both our Advisory Committee and our Board of Directors.

Here are a some more ways to help: :

Pray *  Donate food  * Donate paint, building materials, labor, etc. * Get your Service Club involved * Help with maintenance * Hold a fundraiser * Counsel  * Teach Bible studies  * Volunteer at the shelter or Thrift Store * Donate toiletries (soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, razors, shampoo, towels, sheets, etc.) * Acquaint those around you (at work, school, home, church) with the ministry of Open Gate * Attend annual dinners and luncheons * Help with our website

Contact our staff via e-mail or call them at 559/591-1241 to volunteer and match your skills with our needs. See photos of staff and volunteers – the rewards are unnamed.

Volunteering can make you familiar with our staffing needs. All of our staff have served as volunteers or been shelter residents or benefited from our services. They serve because they feel the call of God in their lives. None has been recruited from outside. Dinuba is a City where God Dwells and Open Gate is a ministry where the homeless and hungry can find emergency food and refuge, and experience the Love of Christ by people who care.