certificate from Assm. Devin Mathis

Recognition received in 2015

The mission of Open Gate Ministries is to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of persons according to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ through the provision of shelter, sustenance and companionship. Open Gate is a Christian organization, but it is inter-denominational. Among our regular donors are twenty local Christian congregations of various denominations. The ten members of our Board of Directors are affiliated with seven different congregations. We serve everyone, without regard to their race, creed, age, sex, or religious affiliation.

We are a private nonprofit corporation which has served the needy of Northern Tulare and Southern Fresno Counties since 1974.

Open Gate began as the inspiration of Vivian Martzen as she became aware of the many families living in Dinuba without necessary food and shelter. She served as the first Executive Director until the early 1990s when the responsibility was passed to Roger Neufeld who retired in 2011 and after several years with other leadership, is again leading Open Gate’s ministry.

Our current shelter was purchased from a grant received in the 1980s. It includes a pantry and a handicapped apartment. The shelter has a current capacity of 8 bedrooms with 33 beds and 6 bathrooms. Open Gate has provided over 150,000 shelter nights since the 1980s.

Our thrift store at 133 South “L” Street in downtown Dinuba was purchased in the 1990s. The thrift store sales supply about one-third of our budget.

Our regular food distribution helps families in Dinuba, Cutler, and Orosi each month with a bag or two of groceries.


  • That over 600 families every month pick up food at Open Gate;
  • That about 2,000 people are fed with this food ;
  • That over 1,000 bags of food are handed out every month
  • That Open Gate Ministries, through the help of MANY LIKE YOU, has been doing this work for over 42 years!! (from April 2016 newsletter)


Our Board of Directors is made up of a group of Christian volunteers from local churches of the Orosi, Dinuba and Reedley areas. Directors are selected by the voting members. Board meetings are usually scheduled for the 4th Thursday monthly. Contact us for more information.